Why Using A Car Service For Events Makes Life Easier

Event Transportation

invesco-fieldIn my opinion everyone should be using a good Denver car service when attending any special events. One major reason is Colorado just isn’t the same as it was 10 years ago and with the ever growing population in Denver means a ever growing traffic nightmare. I’ll just say this nicely Colorado obviously either didn’t prepare for the massive amount of growth in Denver and never built the highways for future growth. Spots around I-70W where it turns into I-25S also known by the old school heads as the “mouse trap” is still not the best setup up and the new construction on 6th ave west is not the best design either. Ok I know random tangent but you get the point its not fun being a driver in this city. Which ties back into my point that if traffic is such a nightmare why not order a great car service to ease the stress of driving yourself.

Even before you hit the road just getting ready for an event can be stressful in itself especially attending sporting events. Driving yourself gives you the pleasure of finding a spot to park and then once you that didn’t cost you a arm and a leg then once you find the spot you have to fight through crowds of lets say happy tailgaters and a crowd of stressful people looking for seats and purchasing food before you can even get to your seat. But the ultimate draw is you had to plan an extra 30 minutes in advance just to make it on time.

With a car service these traffic woes become obsolete because most car services have a designated VIP entrances that drives you right to the entry way. Also because you are dropped off so close you don’t have to encounter the obnoxious tailgater cursing like a sailor or part of the crowd t get seated. One of my favorite reasons is because lets face it most people have a few drinks at these events and frankly to the point a car service saves you a lot more money than what I DUI cost. Overall it is painless and a smart move to be chauffeured after all less stress means more fun and more happy memories.