Tips That Make Your Airport Car Service More Reliable

Tips and Tricks

airport-car-serviceGoing to the airport is not always the easiest task and in fact it can be quite a stressful event for several reasons. Many people are going to funerals, work, job interviews, visiting family, court appearances, surgeries, mission trips, etc. Taking a car service definitely can take the pressure off the aforementioned reasons but it also helps with time management. This can be a great service if you have a reliable transportation company.

From corporate clients running on tight schedules to the average parent who likes to not be at the wheel driving to settle the kids down while driving the need for reliable transportation is vital. A lot of people shy away from a car service for the simple fact of trust. The number one concern we hear from customers is the fear that the driver is not going to show up or be late to the point that they miss their flight. So we have compiled a list of a few tips that can help you when ordering airport car service.

1. Check for reputation and reviews: Places like Google, Yelp, Angie’s List, and Facebook are good starters. However don’t just rely on these reviews because there are people who post fake reviews to sabotage businesses and also most people only leave reviews when they have had a negative experience and not a good experience. But at least the negative ones can give you some insight. One clue about the negative reviews to take a positive from is to look for the owner responses to the comments this indicates that the business cares about their reputation.

2. Extra Time: Order your car service at least 10 minutes early I preferably choose 20 minutes and I will explain later but at least 10 minutes because national statistics point out that if a driver is late it is usually by about 10 minutes. So if you need a pickup at 10:00am order the car service for 9:50am that way if the drivers has a traffic issue he is still on “time.” Now the reason why I vote for 20 minutes is because if the driver doesn’t show up at all it gives you time to go to a plan B.

3. Schedule Updates: I use iRide24 Denver airport car service because they have real time updates through their app and text they let me know a day in advance through text and email that I have a scheduled reservation. When my driver has been dispatched I’m alerted and if you have the app you can see them on the map in real time driving to you. If I have guest they let me know when they are picked up and dropped off.

4. Plan B: Always have a back up car service and preferably not a taxi because they are unreliable. My plan B is Uber because their availability is on demand. People would ask why I don’t choose them first and this is why. Uber is a great service however for a SUV or luxury sedan generally are more expensive than a pre-arranged car service. I also like the fact that my car company has a concierge service so they know me personally. Also things like my preferred routes to take, I get the same drivers so I know how they drive, and big thing is because I know them I trust them driving my family members and kids without me their.

These things will help assure that you get a quality service at an affordable rate. It also leaves you with peace of mind that you did everything in advance to assure you have a smooth and seamless transportation experience. Hopefully these small but effective tips have helped you in your quest to find a reliable car service.