Parking Lot Nightmares – Denver Airport Car Service

Airport car service beats parking

airport-parkingThere are more than 100 things I could think about as to why using a good Denver airport car service is key. But one of my absolute reasons which is in my top ten is airport parking. If you are a frequent traveler then you know what a hassle it is to park at most major airports. Especially if you are at an international airport like Denver’s DIA. Most of the parking at DIA in the covered garage is mainly full almost 85% of the time and this a nightmare for several reasons.

The first being is who really has time to drive around for 20 minutes dodging pedestrians sprinting toward the entrance and fighting other vehicles for position before finally finding a parking spot only to be (in exaggeration) a half mile walking distance from the entrance. The other irritating thing about parking at the airport is sometimes before you ever get to the parking garage the signs are already lit up displaying what I call the doom message that the parking lot is a “100% FULL” and now you are forced to the over flow parking or even worse and off campus parking lot that is not covered.

My other pet peeves about not taking a car service versus parking is that these parking spots are small in size and by that I mean width. Everyone of my cars have had dings and dents from other cars opening their doors and either carelessly or accidentally slamming it into my car. The other challenge is that parking in the uncovered spots often warrants damage from environmental factors such as rabbits and wildlife chewing your wires underneath the vehicle and also sun damage is a huge factor for sitting in the heat for so long or the opposite being buried in the snow during the winter months.

My final and biggest pet peeve of them all is the cost of parking at the airport is just astronomically expensive for baby sitting my car lol. Five days of parking in the garage is almost more expensive than ordering a car service. Now I feel like I’m paying for the risk of my car being damaged when I could have just gave myself a piece of mind knowing I was going to be dropped off in front of the airport entrance while I relaxed in a luxury vehicle drinking high end cold water while listening to some soft music with my hands off the wheel having a brief random conversation with my driver about whatever loosely comes to mind. In short having a good airport car service removes the hassle of wasted time, saves money, keeps miles off my car, prevents vehicle damage, and ultimately saves me money.