Chrysler 300 Airport Car Service - Chauffeur Review

Honest review from professional driver

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Due to the Lincoln/Ford decision to discontinue manufacturing of the Lincoln Town Car it quickly had chauffeur drivers and car service companies alike in a scramble looking for the next vehicle to replace its successful predecessor. The funny thing is while the car service industry was on the hunt their competitor ride sharing app UBER had already tapped into what was quickly becoming the household name and making headway for setting the standard of the vehicle of choice for chauffeured services.

Uber found the Chrysler 300 wiggling its way in the chauffeur industry like David vs Goliath triumphing over car manufacturing giants like Mercedes and Lexus. But Why? Because this luxury sedan had a sleek but bold look and the interior had a lot of the bells and whistles you could expect from a high quality luxury sedan. But was the design and interior enough to convince the industry? I could go into all of the specifications or rants and reviews by JD Power but I know both you and I would like to here it straight from the rider who controls the reigns over the horses mouth.

The Colorado based Denver airport car service iRide24 chauffeur Edward had this to say about the Chrysler 300. “This is a really a great car! It drives smooth and handles decent for a larger sedan something you don’t expect from versus a high end luxury car like the Lexus. It has plenty of leg room. the seats are comfortable and the electronics are up to date and actually above standard in my opinion. The engine holds up really well for the beating we put on it driving it constantly. The price is great which is a huge plus but the gas mileage is excellent and we all know that’s what matters most for this industry. But like mostly any car perfection is only made in one vehicle the god of cars nothing else but the Tesla (he jokes with a playful chuckle). The 4 gripes I have with the Chrysler 300 is there 1. could be more trunk space, 2. the heating and cooling system seems to go out in them in just about every modeled year of the 300, 3. It sits to low to the ground and hitting dips or speed bumps scratches the rocker panels and can even pull them off, 4. though a minor repair the engine coil seems to give out at about 700,000 miles. But as you see most of what I said was minor and for the wear and tear we put on vehicles I would highly recommend the 300.”

There you have it straight from the driver himself. There is no doubt that this baby is no longer incognito you can just look around everywhere and in every city capturing the Chrysler 300 moving heroically through traffic. Overall review was great gas and price point with minor issues you would expect from car service wear and tear.